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    The rapid demand for online shopping contributes to set up several shopping online portals. Initially, these web based stores utilized to offer high-end fashion stuff and electronics but gradually with rising popularity they expanded their inventory recently.Now, many small-time sellers prefer such internet vendors like Amazon instead of conventional offline stores. There are some explanations why we view a modification of the attitude of sellers, and one from the reasons may be the maximization of profit. The businessman with limited capital will not must spend within the distribution of merchandise to different sellers; now all he needs to do is rent a warehouse and store his products in proper condition.The competitive online market:For sellers who do business in Amazon, they’re supplied with software which will help these to track the cost of their product as well as track the speed of his rivals. The program including jungle scout has turned into a life-saving price estimator tool for a lot of businesspeople; since it enables them to to watch their competitor’s movement and alter the item price accordingly to push away competition. The other software which Amazon uses to support their sellers to keep in front of the other person is keepa.The jungle scout did a commendable job over time that are evident in the rise in the amount of sellers lately. The estimator tool also helps the seller to get ready himself in case his product faces sought after, and the stock isn’t sufficient to fulfill the demand. It provides him extra time for you to arrange the excess product if your stock runs out. The keyword scouting feature with the software: When we search a particular category of an item by typing keyword linked to the item, and the results pop up; the tool helps the seller to build the keyword via scouting so the particular seller’s product pop-up in the outcome; thereby assisting the owner with maximum hits on every keyword search. It helps in increasing the visibility from the product and therefore maintaining inside the sales.

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