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    With all the terms ‘autism’ and ‘Autistic Spectrum Disorder’ being thrown around a lot lately most people are confused about just what autism is. Together with the rising incidence of autism, it is important for that public, and also those with autistic folks their lives, to comprehend this spectrum of disorders and how it affects people.Autism is really a developmental disability, which suggests it is a disability which actually starts to present itself in childhood and which lasts throughout life. Other developmental disability diagnoses which can be in connection with LGBT information, like Aspergers Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified, are said to exist on the Autistic Spectrum, making autism a spectrum disorder. This means that there is a spectrum of symptoms and degrees to which the signs and symptoms can manifest, however that many of these diagnoses are autism. People who have a High-Functioning Autism diagnosis therefore have similar symptoms as lower functioning autistics, however they vary in severity.At its root autism is really a non-typical form of perception and cognition. An autistic perceives the world differently compared to a non-autistic, or neurotypical. Which means sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell are experienced differently by autistics than neurotypicals. The senses may be amplified, dampened, or just plain different. Due to this an autistic person could be overwhelmed or mildly repulsed by some kinds of sensory input and may be attracted to others. A good example of this would be an autistic child at a fireworks display – the sudden loud noises synched together with the explosive visual displays can send the child into a severe meltdown, as they cannot cope with the way that the sensory input affects him. Another example is it is a common (but by no means universal) trait for older autistics to enjoy particularly spicy foods, or have otherwise unusual tastes in foods.This affectation of sensory perception is a part of the cognitive alterations on the first step toward autism. Another thing about this is the method in which thought patterns may take a hit. Autistics often describe thinking in pictures, or even matrices of knowledge, as opposed to linear strings of information like words. Different lines of thought can be experienced as interactions between these pictures. That is part of the reason that verbal autistics often communicate particularly well collectively.They are the foundations of autism, and naturally they exist to various degrees which enable it to cause different traits in various people, yet it’s remember this this, and never the behaviors or other observable symptoms, is what autism is.

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