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    The steep competition on online websites like Amazon forced these to find a way in order that every seller could possibly get some edge over his competitors. Amazon is one of the big names with regards to shopping online, along with a many people on a regular basis sell or purchase products using the portal.Factors which influenced the buzz of internet shopping: The buzz of the Internet and also the changing attitude of those is the contributing factor for this kind of sudden rise in internet shopping. From the seller’s point of view, there are several benefits of doing online business; now they don’t need to spend anything in distributing the product across different market which boosts the profit. From your customer’s perspective, he will no longer have to see a lot of stores to acquire his on the job the required product instead all the items are just a look away. The benefits of using jungle scout: Considering that the advantages of shopping online were outnumbering the negatives, the important name like Amazon started providing their sellers with tools like amazon price tracker which assists the seller to understand about the whereabouts of his competitors. The program supplies a detailed report for each and every businessperson who is doing business over Amazon with information including the product price, the provision and more importantly the need for the item.The software employed by Amazon to assist their sellers: The jungle scout is a such software which is often used by Amazon, and also over time the estimator tool helped many small-time businesspeople to shape their business strategy. The software uses scientific methods to predict such information, as well as the data provided by them are transparent and free of any malice. Another fantastic feature from the software is keyword scouting. The newest feature of keepa helps the vendor to build maximum hits on the product. The program steers through hundreds of customer searches and supplies the vendor having a listing of keywords that if contained in the product description can garner several hits which help in improving the product visibility. The tool also alerts the owner beforehand about the stock of the product in order to get sufficient time to prepare additional supply.

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