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    These days a lot of people are considering Timber Frame homes, due to the different benefits it’s. But because the old saying goes by investing in good comes the bad also. And also the same is the situation because well. Because Timber Framed houses do have some cons. You don’t need to worry a great deal about these cons, only one must be aware of these cons. So, you don’t face such issue in case you are also intending to get a timber-framed house. Now, let’s understand what the disadvantages are based on houses made from timber frame.Unhealthy for the location with wet conditions – Developing a timber frame home in areas with wet conditions can create problems. Once the timber wood will constantly get wet due to the rain or some other reasons, it’s going to start rotting. Even it can start leaking and if your property is not being sealed properly, which can damage the interior part of the house as well. But there’s a strategy to it, as you can get a damp-proof timber house designed with assistance from the contractors as well as the surveyors.Fire risk can also be that come with Timber House – Timber Frame homes usually are not so good enough to face up to the fireplace just like the house made of bricks are capable of doing. In case, when the fire breaks out, it will destroy your home and will burn everything. Though the aid of the fireplace retardants, this technique may be decrease. So, it is better you discuss this using the company from which team you are receiving your property constructed.Timber Frame houses are not sound proofs – Now that is a huge problem, since the timber-framed houses aren’t so good if it is about the soundproofing. Meaning, they’re not going to have the ability to block the exterior sounds or sounds from heading out.

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