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    Mu Origin is one of the intense battle game among gamers. The bingo may be played in both smartphone and PC also. Recently the overall game has come up with the new update when the game developers include various kinds of new updates along with other improvements. The bingo is all about strategy, and also you must apply good quality process to overcome the evil characters. The games have some of the powerful evil characters to suit your needs, and you also must defeat them to get advance to the new steps and new maps hanging around. The overall game too includes new Mount features that are mentioned below. Information regarding Character Mount Inside the mu origin, you’re going to get the mount slots. It’s got four slots to position mount, and throughout this time you are able to mount only 1 mount at a time. Within this mount, you may also level up them the help of Power Crystals. You will get many options in this mount gain levels, as well as the button for gain levels come in equipped mount only. You can even evolve the mount. By evolving them, it improves the basic options as well as the skill level of Mounts. You can get the mount at least in most Twenty four hours, and you may get some good special features from that too. Information regarding Mount Journal On this mount section, you can find the mount lists that you can check them. They’re colorful naturally. A player might want to use examining the information and can discover where you’ll get the mounts. As the mounts are available for A day, so it can be had by using Mount capture. All of the mount capture that you’ve captured can be stored in Mount storage. In mu origin game, you’ll find many skill options which are ideal for the mount like stats, level, and excellent options also. You may also choose the journal option.

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